1. Provide Interconnection services between beneficiary institutions and Internet access to National Institutions of Higher Education, Professional Technical Education and Research, with economic sustainability;

2. To link the National System of Higher Education, Professional Technical Education and Science, Technology and Innovation to the outside world through the establishment of institutional partnerships with other higher education and research networks in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas;

3. Serve as a mechanism for dissemination and transfer of knowledge and technology among members of the academic community in Mozambique;

4. Promote collaboration between national institutions of Higher Education, Professional Technical Education, Research, and the Private Sector through:

(A) dissemination of transfer of knowledge;

B) Creation of ICTs platform for knowledge management and exchange of best practices for the use of ICT in education and research;

5. Establish with the common national platform for the provision of data communication services for institutions of higher education, vocational technical education, and research;

6. Provide support services to the network guaranteeing its sustainability; and

7. Promote ICT training services.

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